As if I didn't have enough hobbies, a new one has been added to my list this summer, and that is backpacking. I've never officially backpacked yet, however my friend Eric and I do have a plan to hike 15 miles over 2 days through the woods in the Chequamegon Nicolet National Forest. To be more specific, we'll be doing the southern section of the Ice Age Trail that runs through the Medford district of that forest. This is scheduled to happen 8/2/2013 - 8/4/2013 and will be a great way to test our equipment. Speaking of equipment, let me give you the rundown.


Future Equipment

Tent: I've been looking into a few and here are my criteria: under 5 pounds total weight for a 2-3 person one. Under 3.5 pounds total weight for a 1 person. Under $200. Lifetime warranty (subject to company's discretion).

As of now I'm set to go if I borrow Eric's extra tent. I'll just need to carry a few extra things for my dog. Hopefully this develops into a long term hobby I can enjoy with friends and family for the next many years.